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Cutting Edge Landscapes is the premiere landscaping contractor of the Mid-Ohio Valley. We offer services from the beginning of spring till the end of fall to keep your home looking great year round. We offer many of these services in combination or a bundle giving you a more competitive price. We look forward to serving you with all your landscape needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Brush Hogging

Our services are pretty simple, we cut stuff with a tractor. We will cut or clear anything from 1/8 acre to 50 acres and from grass to 4″ trees with our specialized tree cutter which most tractor companies do not have. Our prices are very competitive and we offer a less expensive alternative to a forestry mulcher.

Fall Cleanup

Your property can be an unsightly mess from the leaves left behind after a windy cool day. Cutting Edge Landscapes will remove leaves and debris from your property. Removing the unsightly mess will prevent mold and fungus from growing on the organic matter left behind. Service is provided to leave your home fresh and looking great for the colder months ahead.

Spring Cleanup

Your property can take a beating from the harsh winter weather. Spring Cleanup is provided to clean up debris and leaves that may accumulate during the winter months. Spring cleanup can provide health benefits to you and your family by removing the mold and bacteria that may grow from the debris left behind. Thorough landscape cleanup will provide your home with a neat appearance.

Bed Maintenance

As the temperatures start to rise in the spring so do the weeds begin to germinate. Cutting Edge Landscapes has you covered when it comes to maintaining your beds. Once the weeds begin to grow their root system takes away needed nutrients, sunlight, and space from the vibrant healthy landscape. We are proactive in our approach by offering a granular preemergant to deter weeds from growing. The weeds that do pop through are taken care of and disposed of. At Cutting Edge Landscapes we understand property owners want their property to have a neat appearance.

Trimming and Pruning - Shrubs & Brushes

Your landscaping is the first thing someone sees from the curbside of the road. It is important that your shrubs and bushes are of a neat appearance. Maintaining the plants around your home will keep them healthy looking and help with the longevity of your landscape investment. At Cutting Edge Landscapes we understand there is a correct time to trim and prune each plant. Services should be scheduled twice a year to ensure timely trimming.

Bed Mulching

Cutting Edge Landscapes offers bed mulching at your home or business. A fresh layer of mulch has its obvious appeal to the eye but there are many other benefits to adding mulch to your beautiful landscaping. One of the best benefits of mulch is the ability to retain moisture. Organic mulches once broken down improve the soil health. Mulch reduces winter injury to plants and weed control. If your mulch is looking broke down call Cutting Edge Landscapes to revive and give the health benefits your landscaping deserves

Seasonal Flower Planting

Cutting Edge Landscapes offers seasonal flower plantings to enhance your properties curb appeal. We prepare the plantings beds or pots, install seasonal flowers, remove dead head through the maintenance season, and remove the planted flowers at the end of their growing season. A variety of colors are available and work with our customers to select the best colors to complement their property.

Spring: Pansies
Summer: Annuals or Perennials
Fall: Mums
Bulbs: Daffodil, Tulip, and Hyacinth

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