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Cutting Edge Landscapes is the top choice in the Mid-Ohio valley for lawn maintenance for your residential and commercial needs. Our highly skilled and trained employees will treat your lawn as if it were their own. Safe, quality, and competitive are words that our clients have used to describe us. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Lawn Mowing

Our clients have come to expect regular prompt service typically the same day and hour each week. We take pride in making your lawn look great. Cutting Edge Landscapes uses high quality commercial equipment. We will always arrive ready to work. At Cutting Edge Landscapes we strive to do the little things right every time. We look forward to giving you your weekends back with the worry free service provided.


Overseeding is the process of applying grass seed in the fall to an already established lawn. The process is done then because soil temperature and cooler air helps stimulate grass growth. Aerating your lawn before overseeding is preferred and will give higher quality results. Overseeding helps eliminate weedy grass that develops in a thin yard in the summer heat. 


Aeration is the technique used to help lawns get more oxygen to the soil. A good indication that your lawn needs aerated is your lawn thinning or an increase in water runoff. Soil compaction from lawn equipment or construction equipment will compact soil over time. A machine known as an aerator is used to plug small holes out of the ground to give your lawn more oxygen. 


Thatch is the excess buildup of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris over the soil. Grass clippings that sit on the surface just below the grass line will cause thatch buildup. Thatch does help provide a blanket for water to sit to help keep soil moist. A half inch buildup of thatch is an expected amount for a good nutrient based lawn. Proper cutting and timely cutting helps with not developing an excess thatch. Contrary to popular belief picking up grass clippings is not necessary for typical lawns. The clippings provide proper nutrients for a healthy looking lawn. The process that we provide when thatch is in excess is a process called Dethatching.